Back to Sanity

Healing the Madness of Our Minds

By Steve Taylor

Completed: on a rainy, gray-clouded Monday. May 2, 2016

My eyes have been opened. Well they have always been cracked a bit but this book has helped ease my own personal vendetta against myself and for that I am forever thankful. Maybe it can help you too.

For years I have felt a certain way about humans and our “nature” and how we choose to live on a daily basis. It has never quite made sense to me, the terror that surrounds us by the actions of others and also the times in which we have turned on ourselves. I am speaking of: war, greed, wanting to be the best, gossiping about friends and family, drugs and escaping life,  judgements and not wanting to accept, destruction of nature, lack of empathy for people and animals, depression, anxiety, control, power…to have it all by any means necessary…

This book explains why, as individuals and as a collective group, humans partake in these terrible/confusing actions. It’s like an illness that has spread itself and has gone undiagnosed for far too long: eating away at our souls and our cores. Millions upon millions of people suffer daily from an unknown and unrealized illness or psychological disorder Steve calls humania.

These terrible and confusing actions have never made sense to me. As a result, I have spent many years trying to fit a square peg (me) into a round hole (the rest of humanity and our society). And I am no saint, I have fallen into humania with the best of them. But Steve explains it in-depth in this book and it truly is eye-opening.

However like an illness that has been nameless, when it finally  gets a true prognosis, relief is finally reached. The haze of uncertainty of how to help your pain is lifted and although there is still a battle in overcoming the illness, you now know what you need to do to help that illness. You know what you are up against.

This book has allowed me to see the demons that have plagued me consistently though out my life and for the first time, I feel like I can do this. I have the right tools to finally to conquer my demons. Or I should say, humania – the demon that resides in us all.

In a world that has always made me feel like an outcast that I have tried relentlessly to impress, this book makes me feel like I’m not alone. I don’t have to try to fit in anymore. That square peg doesn’t have to be a circle. The book is giving me strength to overcome my fears and be the person that I need to be to be happy. And isn’t that what most of us want? To just be happy?

Read this book. I highly recommend it.

You can find it here:



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